Hoda Najafi



 ,i2001-2004Master in environment Management

( 1995-1999,Bachlor in Agriculture Engineering (agronomy & plants breeding


2006-certification to work in the field of Art and drawing and painting,Ministry of Islamic guidance and culture artistic affairs deputy office


,  i2006 - 2012, instructing watercolor painting from elementary to advanced levels , Da Vinci private visual Arts Institute

 i2008-2012, manager in charge of Da Vinci private visual Arts Institute

2013-The grade 3 art certificate in the field of visual arts(painting) by National council for evaluation of artists,authors &poets,I.R.IRAN.

2013 - Publishing the book '' How to draw & paint with watercolor



i2005 Shieve Gallery of fine arts , Tehran ,Iran

 i2009 Postshovir Conferences Center , Maulbronn , Germany

   i2010 Classic Art Gallery , Isfahan , Iran

2014 Shokouh art gallery ,Tehran,Iran

2014 National Gallery - Colombo - Sri lanka


i2006 – 2011 Three group exhibitions in Classic Art Gallery , Isfahan , Iran

  i2006 Arts and Handicrafts Exhibition , Milan , Italy

 i2007 Toyota Artistic Museum Exhibiton , Nagoya , Japan

 i2007 Artistic exhibition in Samon center , Nagoya , Japan

 i2007 I.R.Iran private exhibition ,Riyadh,Saudi Arabia

 i2010 People museum ,Yerevan, Armenia

2014- Mah-e-Mer , Tehran , Iran

2015- Shirin Art Gallery , Tehran ,Iran

And participated in several exhibition in Iran shams,vali



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